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Stock my Pond Oklahoma

Stock my Pond Oklahoma

Pond stocking guidlines


Stocking a pond without a current population can be done a few ways.

Here is a basic guideline pond and lake stocking for a 1 acre  pond.


 New Pond, No Current Fish Population:
100 Largemouth Bass
100 Black Crappie (Optional)
500 Coppernose or Native Bluegill
200 Redear Bream
100 Channel Catfish
10 lbs Fathead Minnows
Grass Carp (Pond Assessment to determine how many to stock)

Also keep in mind that fishing pressure on your pond or lake can change how the lake is stocked.  For example, if you have a lake that will receive very little fishing pressure can be stocked lighter 


Stocking ponds to your liking can be handled in a number of ways.  For example if you want primarily Channel Catfish or Black Crappie, we can come up with a customized stocking plan especially for you and keep the pond as healthy as possible. 


Although all types of fish do not feed on a commercial feed, all of the fish in your pond can benefit greatly. Any time you add an additional food supply to your pond or lake, all of your fish will reap the rewards! 


An electrofishing survey is the most effective  pond and lake management tools available today. With the proper equipment, we are able to take fish samples from your pond or lake. In this process, we will be able to determine, age of your bass, stocking densities, health, proportion of fish, and detect disease or worm infestations. Once the survey is completed all fish are returned to your pond or lake. After the survey, you will receive a pond or lake assessment and recommendations for your pond or lake.  

What type of Bluegill to Stock?
Make sure you stock a native or a Coppernose Bluegill.  This bluegill will reproduce and if stocked properly will give you adequate bluegill to stay ahead of your bass.

Are Minnows important to my pond?

Minnows can be important in establishing an eco system.  Although once a pond or lake is established Minnows become less important. over time.  Focus will need to be on your Bluegill to Bass ratio.

What is a forage base?
Forage base can be fish established in your pond or lake to feed your predator fish.  All fish are predators but the top of the food chain in Oklahoma Ponds and lakes are Bass, Crappie and Catfish.  Fathead Minnows, Bluegill, crayfish, shad are just a few fish used as a forage base.

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Key Points to Stocking your pond