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Lake Master Pros Fish Delivery Schedule

Special Fish Delivery Trucks are reserved for larger orders. On Special Deliveries we come directly to the pond site and put your fish in ourselves.

The driver will arrive at a predetermined time approved by you. Upon arrival we will begin acclimating the water in the transport tanks to the water in your pond.

This process will help to equalize the water temperature and the PH level. Once this is completed, we will begin transferring the fish into your pond. Rather than shoot the fingerling fish into the pond through pipes, we prefer to transfer the fish in a manner that we believe is safer for the fish, and at the same time allows the customer to view all of the fish. This is accomplished by moving the fish from the transport tanks into buckets a few at a time. The buckets are then moved to the pond where they will be slowly acclimated again to insure full survival.

This process is repeated until all of the fish have been transferred. Although this process is slower than conventional methods, we feel it is more complete and less stressful on the fish at such a critical time during the delivery process.